About us – Selbach Information Systems

Powerful and flexible solutions

for small, medium, and large enterprises.

The company Selbach Information Systems GmbH was founded in 1998 and has since successfully completed numerous projects, gaining extensive experience. The company is a renowned provider of Business Intelligence solutions and has been a key partner of arcplan from the beginning. With our extensive experience in implementing enterprise-wide Business Intelligence solutions, we have established ourselves as an “arcplan advanced channel partner.” Later, we were also appointed as an “arcplan mobile bi competence partner.”

After the merger of arcplan with Longview in 2015, arcplan 8 became Longview Analytics. Under this name, we continue to offer the flexibility and advantages that convince our customers. Additionally, we have the capability to deliver flexible and customized solutions for various requirements with selected products such as TM1, Oracle, MS SQL Server, and DeltaMaster.

Our competent team consists of qualified BI, database, and web developers, SQL Server experts, as well as specialists in data warehouse design and architecture. We provide consultation and support to companies worldwide, regardless of their size or industry. Our goal is to offer comprehensive service to our customers, encompassing consultation, implementation, and employee training. Through ongoing dialogue, we always strive for the best results, as customer satisfaction and success are our top priorities.