DeltaMaster, the product of our partner Bissantz, uses universal standards for designing reports and analysis in a targeted manner. Through this and the unique signal concept in red and blue, a quick understanding of essential information is achieved. In the BI Survey 21, DeltaMaster once again achieved top positions in numerous areas, e.g., in the category “Visual Design Standards” with first place in all comparison groups. Further top positions were achieved in the areas of business benefits, innovation, and collaboration with customers. Please read more here.

DeltaMaster offers standardized but still highly customizable solutions and convinces with high implementation speed. Users use DeltaMaster for many different applications, such as controlling, competition and market analysis, logistics optimization, global real estate portfolio management, technical process analysis, and more.

Data navigation, variance analysis, and performance management are combined in the new DeltaApp to deliver all desired business information with the corresponding signals as a mobile application in the usual DeltaMaster quality.


  • Efficient reports with graphic tables
  • Intelligent functions for self-service BI
  • Integrated planning
  • Early warning
  • Automatic report generation and distribution
  • Patented display, navigation, and analysis methods
  • Support for all common databases and source systems
  • Short project durations

Delta Master is a business intelligence software of Bissantz that enables companies to convert their data into meaningful information in the easiest way. Selbach Information Systems is an experienced partner of Bissantz that enables its customers to access Delta Master and other BI tools. Furthermore, it is a web-based BI software that allows companies to create complex data analyses and dashboards. With the help of DeltaMaster, companies can process their data in real-time and transform them into meaningful reports and dashboards. The software offers a variety of features, including a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, extensive data visualization, and powerful analysis function. Additionally, DeltaMaster is capable of integrating data from different sources and can export data in various formats such as Excel, PDF, or HTML. DeltaMaster can also be used as a data integration solution.

Another advantage of DeltaMaster is its ease of use. Even without deep IT knowledge, employees from all areas of the company can quickly and easily access and analyze the necessary data. This is due, among other things, to the intuitive user interface, which also allows inexperienced users to quickly get started. Moreover, DeltaMaster offers high flexibility in customizing reports to individual requirements.

DeltaMaster is also optimized for use in mobile environments. With the DeltaApp, users can access their data anytime and anywhere. The DeltaApp is available for iOS and Android and provides an intuitive user interface for mobile data analysis.

The integration of DeltaMaster with the Dashboard Driver offers Selbach Information Systems’ customers additional benefits. The Dashboard Driver is a powerful platform for developing web-based applications and offers comprehensive support for the development of DeltaMaster dashboards. By integrating DeltaMaster into the Dashboard Driver, users can access and edit reports and dashboards directly via the web browser without the need for additional software installation. The seamless integration of DeltaMaster into the Dashboard Driver thus enables even faster and easier analysis of company data.

Selbach Information Systems has many years of experience in integrating DeltaMaster into a variety of customer projects. We have already successfully supported many customers from different industries in introducing DeltaMaster and have broad expertise in integrating DeltaMaster into existing IT infrastructures.

In summary, DeltaMaster from Bissantz, in conjunction with the Dashboard Driver and the experience of Selbach Information Systems, provides a powerful and comprehensive solution for companies looking to convert their data into meaningful information. With DeltaMaster, companies can quickly and easily analyze their data and present them in user-friendly dashboards.

If you would like to learn more about DeltaMaster and our IT services, please do not hesitate to contact us and book a consultation appointment. We will be happy to help.