(formerly XLCubed)

FluenceXL (formerly XLCubed) is a comprehensive tool designed specifically for data analysis and visualization in Microsoft Excel. It offers a wide range of features that enable you to quickly and easily analyze your data and create meaningful reports. FluenceXL is particularly useful for companies that process large amounts of data and need a simple way to visualize and understand that data.

It also provides numerous features that make it easier for companies to analyze and visualize their data. With FluenceXL, businesses can integrate data from a variety of sources, including relational databases, multidimensional databases, and data from cloud-based sources such as Salesforce. It also offers a wide range of analytical functions, including ad hoc queries, OLAP cubes, pivot tables, charts, and dashboards. Companies can also work on the go with FluenceXL as the application works on a variety of devices and platforms, including tablets and smartphones.

FluenceXL can also be tightly integrated with our Dashboard Driver, making it even more powerful and flexible. The Dashboard Driver is a comprehensive platform for developing web applications based on Microsoft technology, providing businesses with a secure and scalable solution for application development. By integrating FluenceXL into the Dashboard Driver, you gain access to a variety of features and capabilities that help you make the most of your data. You can create interactive dashboards, generate reports and charts, perform data analysis, and much more. Additionally, you can fully customize FluenceXL to your specific business requirements by creating custom functions and modules.

Through this integration, companies can also easily share and collaborate on their data. The Dashboard Driver offers a variety of features that promote collaboration and enable businesses to share data securely and efficiently.

Overall, FluenceXL provides a powerful and flexible solution for companies that want to effectively analyze and use their data. Integrating FluenceXL into the Dashboard Driver makes it even more powerful and flexible, providing businesses with a comprehensive platform for developing business intelligence applications. With our experience and expertise, we can develop a tailored solution for any business to ensure they receive the information they need to make informed business decisions.

If you are looking for a powerful and flexible business intelligence solution, then FluenceXL is the perfect choice for you. Please contact us to learn more about our solutions and services and book a consultation. We are happy to help and we are looking forward to work with you.