Longview Analytics (formerly arcplan)

As an experienced IT company, Selbach Information Systems specializes in developing customized software solutions for our clients. An important part of our work is data analysis and visualization, for which we use SAP Analytics Cloud, Microsoft Power BI, Pyramid Analytics, Deltamaster, and most importantly, Longview Analytics.

Longview Analytics is a comprehensive business intelligence platform that helps companies effectively use their data and improve their performance. The platform provides a variety of features that allow companies to analyze, visualize, and manage their data.

Developed by Longview Solutions, formerly known as Arcplan, the platform was designed to help companies use their data more effectively and make better decisions.

With Longview Analytics, companies can access a wide range of tools and features to analyze their data and improve their performance. It offers a broad range of reporting, dashboard, and analysis functions, enabling companies to quickly and easily visualize their data. Additionally, Longview Analytics provides a powerful planning and budgeting function, allowing companies to effectively manage their finances and business processes.

Another feature of Longview Analytics is the ability to perform rollbacks in the database. This means that users can make changes to the data and write those changes back to the database. This feature is particularly useful for companies with complex data models that need to make changes to the data without compromising data integrity.

One of the unique aspects of Longview Analytics is its seamless integration with Dashboard Driver. Dashboard Driver is a powerful development platform that allows developers to quickly and easily develop and deploy web applications. With the integration of Longview Analytics into Dashboard Driver, companies can seamlessly integrate their business intelligence applications into their existing business processes and effectively use their data.

At Selbach Information Systems, we have many years of experience developing business intelligence solutions for our clients. We have completed numerous projects with companies from various industries, specializing in integrating data from different sources. Our experience in developing customized business intelligence solutions has helped make Longview Analytics a powerful and reliable tool that helps companies effectively use their data and improve their performance.

Overall, Longview Analytics provides a comprehensive solution for companies looking to intelligently use their data. With the combination of Longview Analytics and our Dashboard Driver, our clients can easily analyze, visualize, and access their data. If you would like to learn more about Longview Analytics and our IT services, please do not hesitate to contact us and book a consultation appointment. We are happy to help!

About Longview: Since its founding in 1994, we have been partnered with Longview, formerly Arcplan. After the merger of Arcplan with Canadian company Longview Solutions in 2015, it was rebranded as Longview Europe. The significant advantages and flexibility make Longview Analytics today a solution that quickly delivers reliable insights, accelerates decision-making processes, and immediately highlights critical developments. Longview Analytics has met the requirements of all different BI segments (Reporting + Analytics, mobile Reporting, Self Service BI, Collaboration, Predictive Analytics …) for over 25 years to full customer satisfaction.