Oracle Database offers a comprehensive database system that allows for safe and scalable storage and management of large amounts of data in a single relational system. Its benefits and features include:

  • Real Application Cluster (RAC) for high availability
  • Easy installation and configuration; automated management
  • Suitable for all data types and applications
  • Proven performance, reliability, security, and scalability
  • Flexible cost structure
  • Extremely high storage capacity

Oracle Essbase, according to its manufacturer, is a leading OLAP server that excels in high scalability, rapid application development, and write-back capabilities with security considerations into respective data sources. This makes it a crucial tool for creating What-If scenarios, forecasting applications, and risk management analyses.

The Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Suite provides all the components necessary for building reliable, complex reports, faster financial statements, accurate planning and forecasting, proactive risk management, and optimization by leveraging the benefits of big data and cloud solutions, social media, and mobile technologies. Integrate Oracle EPM into your existing IT infrastructure to secure your previous investments.

Longview Analytics (formerly arcplan 8) supports Oracle Database and Oracle Essbase. arcplan was rated as the leading third-party frontend for Oracle Essbase for the fifth consecutive time in the BARC BI Survey 14. In 2015, arcplan merged with Longview Solutions, and in 2016, it was rebranded as Longview Europe. The power and flexibility of arcplan 8 for Oracle Essbase are now available in Longview Analytics.

Oracle Database is a powerful database system that enables reliable and secure data storage. It supports a variety of data structures and provides fast and efficient data processing. With features like automatic storage management, security and backup options, and support for various data formats and programming languages, Oracle Database is an ideal choice for businesses of any size and industry.

Essbase, on the other hand, is a multidimensional data analysis and reporting solution designed specifically for financial and business analysis. With Essbase, companies can create complex data models based on different dimensions to analyze their business processes and performance. The solution also offers intuitive data visualization and reporting tools, as well as advanced analysis features like What-If scenarios and trend analysis.

The combination of Oracle Database and Essbase provides an ideal combination of data management and analysis. By integrating Oracle Database into Essbase, data can be exchanged quickly and efficiently between the two systems. This allows data from different sources to be merged and analyzed in Essbase. With Essbase, complex calculations and analyses can be performed, allowing valuable insights to be gained from the data.

At Selbach Information Systems, we have successfully completed many projects based on the combination of Oracle Database and Essbase. We have experience with a variety of clients and data sources and are able to develop customized solutions to meet our clients’ individual requirements.

An example of a successful implementation of Oracle Database and Essbase is the integration with Dashboard Driver. Dashboard Driver is a powerful tool for creating web applications that allows our clients to visualize and manipulate data and analyses directly in their web browsers. By connecting Oracle Database and Essbase with Dashboard Driver, our clients can easily access their data and view the results of their analyses in real-time.

At Selbach Information Systems, we assist our clients from planning to implementation. Our experts have years of experience in data management and analysis and are able to develop customized solutions for any requirement.

Contact us today to learn more about Oracle Database & Essbase and how we can help you with your implementation. You can also schedule a consultation appointment with us. We are looking forward to hear from you.