Success requires strong partners.

Bissantz & Company

With the analysis software DeltaMaster by Bissantz & Company, we can solve complex tasks of data analysis, planning, and reporting. A particular focus is on the automation of business analysis, for example, through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Moreover, Bissantz is regarded as a pioneer in terms of report and cockpit design (visualization). More information…

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b.telligent is a technology-independent consulting firm that focuses on optimizing digital and data-driven business processes, as well as customer and supplier relationships, with more than 250 employees. Selbach Information Systems and b.telligent leverage shared synergies to create added value for your reporting requirements. Together, we integrate data-driven innovations into established reporting landscapes.

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Corporate Planning

For over 30 years, Corporate Planning has been providing user-friendly software for business control in medium-sized enterprises. The solutions for operational planning, integrated financial and performance planning, as well as consolidation (certified according to IDW PS 880, IDW RS FAIT 1, and IDW RS FAIT 4) have received numerous awards and run on a technological platform.

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In particular, we specialize in consulting and implementing enterprise-wide Business Intelligence solutions with IBM Cognos TM1. With a wealth of experience from numerous completed projects, we provide our customers with dynamic planning and analysis applications.

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insightsoftware / Longview / arcplan

We are “Longview/arcplan partners from day one”! With Longview Analytics, all requirements in the areas of Business Intelligence, planning, and reporting can be fully addressed. There is no such thing as impossible. That’s why we use Longview Analytics for complex applications that should still be easy for end users to use.

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As a Microsoft partner, we have extensive experience with Microsoft technologies, f.e. Power BI and Azure Cloud. In many cases, we act as a system integrator, supporting large and small companies in the design, implementation, and deployment of Microsoft tools. Additionally, we offer cost-effective training and can assist with data preparation.

 Pyramid Analytics

With Pyramid, we have an innovative partner that combines the best of self-service analytics and legacy BI systems. No other competing BI solution offers such high analytical power without overwhelming users. The result is a modern enterprise analytics platform that enables all users to make better and faster decisions based on the same reliable information.

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(formerly XLCubed)

Our partner, Fluence Technologies, is a renowned provider of data management solutions and specializes in the development of innovative software. Their product, FluenceXL (formerly XLCubed), allows you to consolidate data from various sources, analyze it, and present it in meaningful reports and dashboards. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in data analysis, FluenceXL enables you to quickly and easily access the information you need.

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Profitbase is a renowned company specializing in providing state-of-the-art business intelligence solutions. As a long-term partner of Profitbase, we benefit from their outstanding software solutions, which allow us to capture, analyze, and transform data from various sources into meaningful insights.

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With over 45 years of industry experience, SAP has built an outstanding reputation and is renowned for its innovative solutions and commitment to excellence. Furthermore, SAP offers a wide range of products and services specifically designed to address various business challenges.


The BBI Group is an innovative company headquartered in Finland, specializing in providing high-quality services in the technology and enterprise solutions field. The core competencies of the BBI Group lie in software development, IT consulting, and digital transformation. They offer tailored solutions for companies across various industries, including financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, and retail.

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