Business Intelligence:
Dashboards and Data Analysis

  • Insightful reporting and visualization through individually created/customized software
  • Different sources from Excel/CSV tables to multidimensional databases
  • Display of crucial business data down to the detail level, IBCS-certified if needed
  • Self-service ad-hoc analysis, collaborative work (publish, share, discuss), low-code applications
  • Predictive analytics based on large amounts of data (big data)
  • Lower operating costs and save time through smart process automation
On Premises, Cloud and Hybrid Solutions
  • On-premises, private and public cloud solutions
  • Business applications, digital archives, digital management, etc.
  • Access to data, documents and up-to-date business information anytime, anywhere
  • Complete control over your own data with simultaneous availability through custom interfaces and integration with common software tools
  • Integration of various applications and data sources into a central platform
  • Unique application development for desktop and mobile app – DORA: Design Once, Run Anywhere
  • Latest techniques such as voice control and AI in reporting
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Databases and Datamanagement
  • Validation, consolidation, and processing of large data sets
  • Creation of custom relational or multi-dimensional databases, OLAP servers, and object stores
  • Central, transparent data storage to eliminate coordination issues, optimize protection, and searching operations
  • Database competencies:

    • Microsoft SQL Server + Analysis Services, MySQL, PostgreSQL
    • Oracle Database 11g + Data-Warehousing and Oracle Hyperion Essbase
    • IBM DB2 and IBM Cognos TM1
    • SAP Netweaver Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW)
    • NoSQL with Elasticsearch
Planning and budgeting solutions
  • Planning and budgeting solutions facilitate the definition and achievement of business goals
  • Drive your long-term strategy and analyze alternative value creation scenarios
  • Analyze “what-if” scenarios and financing options regarding liquidity, profitability, debt obligations, capital structure, and more
  • Quickly analyze the sensitivity of your cost, revenue, or capital structure to external factors
  • Work with data-driven insights and signals to advance continuous planning and performance management throughout the organization on a unified, intelligent platform