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Longview Analytics

Longview Analytics is the high-performance solution for all types of analysis, using data from all data sources. Exceptional capabilities to visualize your data provide profound business information at a glance, the DORA concept (Design Once – Run Anywhere) allows a seamless use of your business applications even via any mobile device.

We choose Longview Analytics for creating customized business intelligence solutions, meeting all specific requirements. Easily to integrate into existing system environments, and the given scalability safe your organization’s earlier capital expenditures and make the growing of your applications due to increased request sure. There is no limitation to grow – from departmental to enterprise wide use. Longview Analytics realizes effectively the analysis of large data volume (Big Data) as well as the use of cloud-based Business Intelligence. Please read more …

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) including different services and tools, such as Reporting Services, Analysis Services, Integration Services, and SQL Server Data Tools. Due to its system stability, efficiency, and its high performance, we choose Microsoft SQL Server for developing business intelligence solutions in cloud-based and in-house systems. Please read more …

IBM Cognos TM1

IBM Cognos TM1 is a multidimensional in-memory data base system (MDBMS), used to realize business solutions like reporting, planning, budgeting, forecasting, and analytical applications. We successfully create high-performance solutions by using the flexibility of IBM Cognos TM1.  Several times, arcplan 8 (now Longview Analytics) was ranked as third-party frontend no.1 to IBM Cognos TM1 (up to BI Survey 14).


Based on DeltaMaster, we develop customised dashboard, analysis, planning and reporting solutions. Ubiquitous standards make it easy to immediately understand the meaning of reports and analyses. Standardised but, however, customised solutions can be realised in a short time. Your applications will be available on your desktop as well as on tablets, smartphones, control centres …..

DeltaMaster solutions connect with all well-established databases and other existent information systems.

The BI Survey 17 attested again the top ranking of DeltaMaster in “Visual Design Standards”. The Planning Survey 17 classified DeltaMaster as “Development-oriented planning solution” and ranked it No. 1 in the categories “Customer Satisfaction”, “Project Success”, “Vendor Support”, “Implementer Support”, and “Self-service”. DeltaMaster was represented for the first time in the Planning Survey, so the five top-rankings make it an outstanding success.

DeltaMaster offers automated variance analysis, integrated planning functions, early-warning systems, high-capacity self-service BI, ….


Oracle Essbase provides high scalability, write-back functionalities considering all security aspects and requirements for a fast application development. This makes it the perfect solution to implement significant what-if-scenarios, forecasting applications and risk management analysis. The key components of Oracle Enterprise Performance Management make it easy to provide sophisticated reports, accurate plans and forecasts, streamlined and efficient consolidation and close processes. Use the benefits of Oracle’s products on modern and secure Oracle cloud solutions.